Endowed with individuality yet flexible.

Everything that moves a global player. And inspires its employees.

Within the highly specialised market segment of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and logistical goods handling equipment KION has achieved global recognition by becoming the number one provider within Europe. Currently, around 22,000 people are working for the company despite it having only a relatively short history, yet this makes it all the more important for employees to be concisely informed about current corporate topics to ensure that the values of KION remain tangible for everyone.

To achieve this the Peter Schmidt Group has developed KION News, a modern employee magazine format that enables comprehensive content to be presented yet at the same time remains easily adaptable to accommodate a divergent readership within global markets. This has been realised through a modular layout system that makes the newspaper not only flexible in its application, but also more striking in its appearance. Each issue can easily be customised with distinctive artwork that increases the diversity of its design as well as the overall appreciation of the magazine itself.


Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, KION is a leading global manufacturer of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and logistical goods handling equipment. It is the market leader within the Europe, currently employs around 22,000 people and in 2013 achieved a turnover of more than 4.4 billion Euros.