Juchheim Co. Ltd.

Happiness, lovingly packaged.

We have designed Valentine's day gift boxes for Juchheim complete with discrete messages.

Packaging design for cakes and pastries in Japan must do much more than merely protect its fragile content or entice a purchase, as the giving of baked goods is also seen as an expression appreciation and good manners that demands special attention to the finer points of presentation.

No more so than for Valentine’s day, which in Japan equally applies to good friends as well as beloved partners, and so we have developed a concept that makes Juchheim’s German-Japanese delicacies extra special ambassadors for the day of love.

To mark this special day there is no better symbol than a ladybird, universally known as a bringer of happiness to both Germans and Japanese alike, with which to a spread a message of love.


The German confectioner Karl Juchheim had first brought his Baumkuchen recipe to Japan in 1909 before he opened his own patisserie in 1921. Thanks to Juchheim’s original Baumkuchen this cake is now popular throughout Japan and is prized as a typical German specialty. Today, the Juchheim Group employs more than 500 people and operates over one hundred branches throughout Japan.