Market Grounds

Two very different brothers have re-invented premium crisps.

Cooked by hand and made in England

The time when crisps were just a greasy snack is thankfully long gone, as for Market Grounds, which sells crisps made from selected potatoes and vegetables in England, we have developed the premium brand John & John. Now, a gourmet snack is available that has been carefully prepared by hand and finished with spices of the highest quality from around the world to create the perfect crisp.

To illustrate this exceptional product we first created an imaginary, yet believable, brand history: Bringing together the crunchy, golden crisps of fictional potato farmer John Farmer with exotic spices brought back from the adventures of world traveller John Sailor. Combining these two personalities thus created John & John, an original, yet recognisable, brand of the highest quality. Based on this narrative we have not only developed a brand name though, but also a logo, packaging concept, website design and all associated promotional material.

However, unlike in the German market the packaging does not contain any pictures of food, yet each variety can be easily distinguished through engraved images, numbers and individual colour codes used in combination with symbols from the nautical flag alphabet, a further subtle reference to the travels of John Sailor. As a result, the product’s British origin has been convincingly conveyed through its brand name and varieties, employing an open design that additionally allows for any future expansion of the product range.

Awarded with:

Red Dot Award 2012, Brand Development
iF Award 2012, Brand Development – Gold
ADC New York 2012, Packaging – Silver
ADC Deutschland 2012, Packaging – Nomination

Market Grounds

The Hamburg based company Market Grounds markets high-quality, European delicatessen products. It represents exclusive gourmet brands from renowned culinary regions all over Europe, including confectionery and beverage products as well as sweet and savoury snacks. As a result of its high level of experience and success within this sector, Market Grounds is increasingly expanding its range to include innovative and newly developed food products.