Perfect cleaning, packaged with new dynamism.

How can tradition and innovation be neatly harmonised?

"Persil, da weiß man, was man hat. Guten Abend." There is barely a soul in Germany aged over 40 who does not recognise this advertising slogan from the 1970s. The general Persil brand awareness is extremely high throughout the country. In other nations, however, people did not have such a clear image of the brand when Henkel invited pitches for the international relaunch in 2005. The central message: Persil = perfect cleanliness.

Our requirement: tradition and innovation should be combined as a matter of course in the packaging design. Our draft notably freshened up the brand and opened it up to innovations, while also remaining consistent – most visibly in the key visual: the Persil wave. On each pack it is different, and yet always the same.

Through our continual brand management, we have been able to accompany Persil since 2005, to work on this vision and to create highlights in innovative concepts at the same time, in order to prove the visionary power of the idea of ‘perfect cleanliness’ time and again.

Henkel AG

Henkel is active worldwide with leading brands and technologies in the three business areas of detergents/cleaning agents, beauty care and adhesive technologies.

With its headquarters in Düsseldorf, the company employs around 47,000 members of staff – over 80% of those outside Germany.

"Persil combines cleaning performance, top quality and modernity. At the same time, Persil is a traditional brand and has always remained down to earth. This mix is no contradiction – on the contrary, it defines the unique brand image of Persil."

Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach , Opinion polling institute