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A new ingredient in a recipe for success.

Using neuroscience to create a new brand positioning.

HelloFresh is one of the most successful companies on the market for innovative food concepts. Both domestically and internationally, the brand has established itself as a pioneer for mail-order meal kits for home delivery. But one thing was still missing: Emotional appeal. As a result, the HelloFresh brand was unable to differentiate itself from other, similar offers on the market and build up customer loyalty.

Our task therefore was to emotionalize the HelloFresh brand and reposition it in the German market. But which emotions were likely to achieve the best results? We found the answer with the help of neuroscientific methods. Our Neuroscape Model made it possible to identify and steer the brand’s emotional appeal to customers.

The results: In addition to fast delivery, pre-measured ingredients and convenient food preparation, we found that the aspects of “inspiration” and “variety” were most effective in appealing to the target group and retaining customers. And we applied these findings not only to the new brand positioning. We also showed how the aspect of inspiration could be brought to life effectively across all communication channels – with a coherent communication concept and a central theme.


HelloFresh is the world’s largest delivery service for recipes and pre-measured ingredients.

Based in Berlin, the company develops its own recipes and creates “meal kits” containing the necessary ingredients for delivery to subscribing customers.

“Working together with the experts from Peter Schmidt Group to reposition the HelloFresh brand was an important step for us on the way toward establishing a coherent and emotionally appealing brand presence.”

Björn Kuse,
Vice President Marketing & Sales, HelloFresh Germany and Austria


Central theme and inspiring messages

To attract and retain customers over the long term, we developed a coherent brand promise and derived from it communicative messages that interpret “inspiration” in a variety of ways while consistently conveying the new brand positioning.



Inspiration across all communication channels

We also demonstrated how to use specific channels such as flyers, website, Facebook and the HelloFresh Box to address the messages to customers even more effectively. Measures such as including a culinary surprise in the meal kit were also part of the concept, because they give first-time customers even more incentive to stick with HelloFresh.



A winning brand promise: “Delicious ideas. Easy to make.”

The new brand promise "Gute Ideen. Einfach gekocht" (Delicious ideas. Easy to make.) was designed to reflect the aspect of “inspiration” while still retaining the functional attributes of “convenience.” But what impact does it have on consumers? We asked them – and with the help of an implicit test we identified the brand promise that they thought best reflected the new positioning and best promoted customer loyalty.

“In close collaboration with the core team from HelloFresh we created a brand positioning and core promise that optimally combines functional benefits with emotional appeal.”

Stephanie Lam-Eschenburg,
Senior Brand Strategist, Peter Schmidt Group
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