Cultural Ambassadors

An intercultural network that showcases the diversity of Germany.

The Goethe-Institut has entrusted the Peter Schmidt Group with the development of its corporate design since 2009 and together we have reconceptualised and sharpened the brand's position to align it with contemporary, cultural developments around the world. From this close working partnership new captivating media forms are constantly being adopted by the Goethe-Institut as it continually extends its evolving, global communication.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2011 – Image brochure


The Goethe-Institut is a cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany tasked with promoting a multifaceted image of the country around the world, opening up access to its language, culture and society as well as advancing international cross-cultural cooperation. The Goethe-Institut was founded 1951 and today there are 159 institutions across 98 countries which together employ around 3,500 people worldwide.

„Sprache. Kultur. Deutschland.“

Claim development for the Goethe-Institut,
Peter Schmidt Group, 2010