Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung

Tribute to a unique location.

Not just a series of concerts, but rather a celebratory reopening

If you are a lover of classical music in Frankfurt, then you will almost certainly know the Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung. Recently its home, the enchanting Holzhausenschlösschen, a chamber music hall that hosts a regular series of world class concerts, has been lovingly restored and it now boasts architectural and acoustic fittings that meet the highest of performance requirements.

For the re-opening series of concerts we had been asked to develop an anniversary publication that would showcase the Holzhausenschlösschen's uniqueness at the centre of its design. A unifying theme that embraces the sound experience of the music hall has therefore been represented in a unique form, where every chapter opens with the performance being presented shown in a word sculpture that seems to dance to music within the pages of the publication itself.

Detailed architectural images focus the attention of the reader to highlight the care that has been taken in its renovation, while iridescent colours emphasise the special atmosphere of the music hall which is further marked through a play of light that is reflected on the Schlösschen's moat.

Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung

The Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung was established in 1989 and the study and exploration of the history Frankfurt's citizens, families, initiatives and institutions is at the heart of its work. It is equally well known for its classical concert series, featuring renowned soloists and chamber music ensembles, as well as for the Emil Mangelsdorff Quartet, which has been connected to the Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung right from the start and has performed more than 140 times within the Schlösschen.