Partnership, cooperative, successful.

Ten years of cooperation with one of the leading institutes of the German financial sector.

We have been supporting DZ BANK as its lead agency for corporate design for more than ten years and through our work we ensure that the bank communicates effectively across all media to maintain its position as the leading institute of the cooperative banking sector. The partnership oriented nature of the bank is typified through centralised product competences provided to decentralised customers and this interplay retains a central presence across all of the bank's communication.

Over this time we have created numerous concepts and designed diverse financial material for DZ BANK, such as the DZ BANK Group's annual financial report, a central medium of communication for the bank, and sustainability report as well as printed publications and a rework of the bank's digital appearance. Following the merger of DZ BANK and WGZ BANK in 2016 our cooperation under the framework of our mandate has intensified as we support the unified DZ BANK to further strengthen its position within the German banking sector. In this context we have revised the corporate design of DZ BANK and combined the previous identity defining characteristics of both concerns to create a strong, united appearance that remains flexible and easy for employees to use.


Awarded with:

German Brand Award 2018, Annual Report 2016 – Special Mention
DDC „Gute Gestaltung 17“, Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2014 – Award
ECON Award 2016, Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2014 – Bronze


DZ BANK AG is the central institute of the German cooperative bank network and is affiliated to more than one thousand cooperative banks across the country, the majority of which are also stakeholders of the concern. The range of services offered by DZ BANK ranges from classic and innovative banking products through to investment, structuring and share issuance activities as well as trading and sales across equity and bond markets. The origins of DZ BANK date back to 1883 and today it retains a balance sheet total of around 500 billion Euros and employs over 4,400 people.

"Less rules, more flexibility – the new corporate design is both easy to use and clear at the same time."

Felix Damerius,
Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group