Griesson de Beukelaer

Pure New York feeling.

A new cookie range for DeBeukelaer.

With authentic cookies baked according to original, American recipes, the "Cookies Bakery" range from DeBeukelaer has introduced four different varieties to the shelves of German supermarkets. Yet, unlike many competing products these special cookies come individually wrapped in packaging reminiscent of New York newspapers. While not only making them unique within their market, this additionally communicates a small piece of "Heritage" with each unwrapping that evokes memories of traditionally made, Greenwich Village "Bakery cookies".

Just as in the past when freshly made cookies were wrapped in newspaper for the customer to take away, so we have created a unique newspaper, "The Daily Cookie", for each individually packaged DeBeukelaer cookie in addition to outer packaging details that mirror the traditional atmosphere of a New York bakery through classic, black and white images.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2015, Packaging Design

Griesson de Beukelaer

Griesson de Beukelaer has over 100 years of baking tradition and today is one of the leading companies within the European confectionery and savory food market. Their range includes well-known brands such as DeBeukelaer, Griesson, Prinzen Rolle, LEICHT & CROSS, Tekrum, Café Musica, TUC and Wurzener.