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From tyre manufacturer to innovative company.

In just a few years Continental, which had been founded in Hanover in 1871, developed from a modest tyre manufacturer into one of the world’s largest suppliers of the automotive industry. While continuing to produce tyres today, their portfolio also now includes systems for brakes, gears, chassis and power steering, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and network communication technology.

The rapid growth of Continental, alongside an ever increasing diversification of core activities, meant that a change was needed within its corporate culture and new brand architecture was required. The positioning of Continental as a master brand not only needed greater clarity within its markets, but also to highlight the collaboration of all its corporate divisions more effectively. This was necessary to modernise its brand identity and prepare it for the future, while maintaining essential aspects of its 140-year tradition.

We have accompanied Continental every step of the way on their journey, from strategic consultation right through to facilitating change communication, overseeing a new corporate redesign and creating an updated image communication for their new master brand.

Awarded with:

Corporate Design Preis 2014, Rebranding – Award

Continental AG

Continental AG is based in Hanover and is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. Within its five divisions of Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tyres and ContiTech the company posted provisional sales of around 34.5 billion Euros in 2014 and currently employs approximately 200,000 people in 53 countries.

“The Peter Schmidt Group has found the right way evolutionary way forward for us and helped Continental to establish a single, strong brand identity for the future.” 

Dr. Felix Gress,
Director of Corporate Communication, Continental AG


The distinctive CO alignment, the style-defining strength of the letters and the sertif typeface have been preserved yet the legibility of the word mark has been greatly improved.

It has changed in detail alongside larger, more dynamic letter spacing, even though it takes up less space. Thus, the entire logo now appears more prominently even on small, and especially digital, applications. The legibility and reproduction quality of the brand word have improved significantly.


We have greatly simplified the logo and freed the horse from its enclosing ring form. The Continental horse is now far more agile and significantly more visible, as it rears next to the word mark, and thus the two are now in clear unity with one another.


The new brand identity was presented at the Annual General Meeting on May 15, 2013.

At the same time, a global rollout of the new brand identity also began over five of its corporate divisions within 49 countries.

"With the new logo and uniform corporate identity we can now ensure that our brand characteristics are perceived uniquely."

Thomas Roehrich,
Head of Brand Communication, Continental AG
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