A childhood classic comes of age.

A design re-launch that is driving sales.

For many people childhood memories are awoken by just the thought of Capri-Sonne and still today, children remain one of the main consumer target groups of this established product. Now, together with the classic 200ml drink, there is also a new 330ml version that is being explicitly targeted towards more adult consumers. The Peter Schmidt Group has given this "large Capri-Sonne" a fundamental design re-launch which has been embraced by these consumers and resulted in a significant increase in sales, perhaps the best proof that successful packaging design really does pay!

With the addition of a practical screw cap the 330ml pouch is now ideal for enjoying on the go, yet not only its format has changed. We have also greatly intensified the packaging's colours and fruit visuals, which are now far more dynamic than before to visibly increase the packaging's presence, while maintaining a creative design that offers flexibility across the product range. Together, this has produced a drink concept that successfully appeals to adult consumers who still wish to remain a little carefree.

Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH

The German company Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH has been selling its fruit juice drink "Capri-Sonne" since 1969, and from the outset in a unique, stand-up pouch. Today, it is now produced in 22 different countries yet it is sold in more than 120 countries around the world with its name translated into English: "Capri Sun". Over 7 billion pouches are currently sold worldwide each year.

"The overhaul of our large Capri-Sonne portfolio, in regards to both product range and packaging design, has seen great results: Compared to last year, we have recorded a sales increase of 15%."

Katharina Lindner,
Marketing BtC, Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH