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Café Europe

The Golden Twenties.

Past glories from another era have been brought back to life in Tokyo.

Despite being in Japanese hands for many years, Juchheim has always referenced its orriginal homeland roots through German names for its products that are still both baked to original recipes and packaged according to designs developed in Germany.

Further more, with the reopening of Tokyo’s Café Europe in April 2017 Juchheim had wanted to both complete its own brand story and revive a lifestyle evocative of the 1920s. Thus, Café Europe today represents a design concept that has been inspired by an historical original, yet mirrors modern design trends too.

Awarded with:

Corporate Design Preis 2017 – Nomination
iF Design Award 2018, Packaging Design – Award
ICONIC Awards 2018 – Selection

Café Europe

Back in the 1920s, Café Europe had originally brought western lifestyles to the people of Japan through its novel, street café experience. At the same time, this pioneering café was also the place where master confectioner Karl Juchheim had gained his first employment before he later founded a successful chain of bakeries throughout Japan. Nearly one hundred years later, the reopening of Café Europe succinctly references both these historical events.

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