Blat Vodka

A clear vessel for the purest vodka in the world.

40% alcohol, 0% impurities with 100% award winning design.

Blat vodka can uniquely distinguish itself from competitors because of its unmatched purity, as no other vodka can claim to be 100% free of detectable impurities. This is a result of a patented manufacturing process that together combines carbon filters and singular innovations in a unique distillation process, yet the precise details still remain a closely guarded trade secret. The result, however, remains perfectly clear in an unadulterated taste in which the quality of the vodka's ingredients can be fully appreciated.

"Blat", the name of the spirit, comes from the Catalan translation of "wheat" and references the origins of the vodka, alongside its fundamental ingredient, as it is only produced on the Canary Islands from the finest, non genetically modified French wheat grains.

The purity of Blat vodka is instantly communicated through its packaging design at first glance, and together with the naming of the product itself, the Banús family has been comprehensively supported in the development of their brand by the Peter Schmidt Group.

Awarded with:

ADC 2009, Bronze
iF Design Award 2008

Blat Vodka

Since 1887 the Banús family has been dedicated to the production of spirits and for more than forty years until 1989 they had been the Spanish partners of Pernod and Bols before the greater part of the business was then finally sold to them. Since 1993, though, the brothers Fernando and Esteban Banús have once again been continuing the tradition of their forefathers by producing Blat Vodka.