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Five industry sectors, 157 brands:

Better Brands 2021:
Germany's study on sustainable brand design

Empathic branding in the era of New Normal

The unfettered consumer society is a thing of the past. Issues like climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement and the conoravirus pandemic are changing the way we think and act. At first glance, all these topics are vying for our attention. Upon closer examination the big picture comes into focus: On a larger scale, it’s all about ethical behavior. Within this context brands are coming under particular scrutiny. They are facing the same demands and expectations as government and scientific institutions. At the same time, they are deeply mistrusted.

We wanted to find out what distinguishes a good brand from a better one, and what consumers really expect from brand design. We surveyed more than 5000 people in Germany. Here’s an overview of our findings.

Better Brands 2021

The “Better Brands 2021” study examines the possibilities of empathic brand management and takes a detailed look at five sectors and their leading brands. In collaboration with the quantilope market research agency, we surveyed 5012 consumers representative of the population of Germany.

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