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Consumer Insights

Beauty Care in Germany,
China and Japan.

How cosmetic brands can adapt to international market conditions.

The global cosmetics market is increasingly dominated by trends and innovations from Asia. More and more, it is China and Japan that are setting the tone in the beauty care sector. Cosmetics brands that aim for international success must know how to serve these markets specifically and flexibly.

But what are the factors that influence Chinese and Japanese customers of cosmetic products – and how do they compare to those of the European market, for example Germany? Which aesthetic codes exert the strongest influence? Our Consumer Insights provide the ansers cosmetics brands need.

Consumer Insights
Beauty Care

We conducted a representative, online survey of 750 consumers of various ages from Germany, Japan and China. They all shared a strong interest in cosmetics products. We asked both explicit and implicit questions about their buying behavior and how they choose which product to purchase, as well questions about touchpoints and distribution channels. The data was collected in late 2019 and evaluated in the first quarter of 2020.

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