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The new feeling of travel.

We brought fresh wind to Germany's big brand for short trips.

Ameropa. The tour operator's name tells a story: Founded in post-war Germany in the 1950s, the company dedicated itself to showing Americans the beauty of Europe. By train they set off on short holidays to the cities and regions of the continent. A lot has happened since then: Ameropa is now a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and its offer is aimed at a broad target group who want to discover something new or get away for a short break from their everyday lives. But although the Ameropa brand had a positive image, it was also perceived as somewhat inaccessible.

So we decided to take a radical step. We replaced the logo, which had been in use for around twenty years, with a new, handwritten lettering that picks up on the distinctive stroke in the A of the previous logo and reinterprets it as a dynamic arc. The redesigned initial A was also used to derive organic shapes for use as eye-catchers. Our main goals were to increase awareness, enhance the brand's emotional appeal and become more attractive to younger customers.

Awarded with:

German Brand Award 2020, Excellent Brands – Winner
German Brand Award 2020, Brand Innovation of the Year – Winner

Ameropa-Reisen GmbH

As a tour operator with more than 67 years of experience, Ameropa specializes in short trips by rail within Germany and Europe, as well as worldwide rail adventure tours. For a short break in Germany, Ameropa offers attractive packages with hotel accommodation, train travel and local experiences. With 120 employees, 500,000 travelers and an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros, the Bad Homburg-based company is one of the ten largest tour operators in Germany.

The Ameropa portfolio comprises a total of around 30,000 hotels in 36 countries. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of DB Fernverkehr AG, Ameropa is part of Deutsche Bahn.

"The handwritten lettering now appears more open, friendly and inviting. The new look communicates the emotional theme of travel much better and expresses the self-image of the brand more credibly."

Mechthild Bertram,
Executive Director, Peter Schmidt Group

"The Peter Schmidt Group supported us in a very professional way and with a lot of heart and soul as we rejuvenated our brand identity. The new Ameropa brand identity has been very well received by our customers and travel agencies, and helps us to achieve our strategic business goals."

Dirk Meyer,
Leiter Marketing, Ameropa-Reisen GmbH
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