A self-confident visual identity for a pioneer of sustainable sportswear

Upcycling with a fashionable flair – and a corporate design that puts the products on center stage.

Sportswear for the daily workout is mostly made of polyester fibers. But why produce new plastic when the world is already full of plastic waste? The sportswear label Ambiletics took this idea to heart and uses recycled plastic waste and PET plastic bottles to make its products, bringing environmental awareness and physical fitness together. And that combination is exactly what the brand identity we have designed expresses. It combines sustainability with enthusiasm for sports and helps Ambiletics achieve its concrete brand vision, expressed in the tagline, "Make it matter."

The corporate design is somewhat more restrained than the colorful, large-format prints on the products themselves. Pastel shades convey accessibility and address the female target group. The logo has a high-quality appearance while simultaneously making a dynamic impression thanks to its slanted serifs. The omitted vertical line of the letter "i" expresses individuality and enables the use of the abbreviation "ambi" in communication – ideal for small-format or round applications and social media use.


Ambiletics was founded in 2018 by Giulia Becker in Berlin. From the very beginning, her aim has been to develop sportswear that is ethically exemplary and at the same time ambitious in its design – indeed, this is exactly what the word combination of "ambitious" and "athletic" stands for. The items in the collection are colorful and dynamic, completely or partially made from recycled PET bottles and plastic waste, and produced under fair conditions.

“We aim to make a positive impact in the activewear fashion world by re-using plastic and post-consumer-waste for our sports collection.”

Giulia Becker,
Geschäftsführerin, Ambiletics