We turned up the volume for an iconic brand in the audio segment

Corporate Design for Canton

When it comes to loudspeakers, Canton is Europe's market leader. Their premium products are available in every price range and all offer superior, unadulterated audio quality. We put this passion for sound at the center of the new corporate design.

Modern, with a high-quality appearance that offers maximum flexibility – a design system with tremendous potential

The iconic Canton logo is a typographical expression of the acoustic phenomenon of increasing volume. We added additional powerful components, first and foremost a circle that hearkens back to both the geometry of the wordmark and the shape of a loudspeaker membrane. The circle can be divided into segments and reassembled in a multitude of facets, like rhythmical elements in music. We also added a new color scheme that includes an attractive dark blue as well as another high-energy shade of blue along with an accessible beige. These components enable Canton to target communication measures to specific target groups as desired.

Moritz Jung, Marketing Director, Canton Elektronik GmbH + Co. KG.

“Canton makes high-quality products that are also imminently accessible, so we wanted our new brand identity to appeal both to high-end customers as well as the growing smart-product segment.”

Suitable for print media, product communication and point-of-sale displays

The circle can illustrate sound as well as respond to sound. It works well when digitally animated, but also gives the brand a characteristic appearance in print media.

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