W&V – The new VW logo or: The fat years are over

Executive Creative Director Norbert Möller has taken a detailed look at the new Volkswagen logo for W&V+. His opinion: While the logo works well large and on the cars, it quickly becomes a lightweight in media applications.

If you are asked at a garden party for your opinion on a new logo, then it must be a very well known brand - just like Volkswagen. The verdict of Norbert Möller is differentiated:

"Like Volkswagen, I consider the current step towards a flat presentation to be a positive, overdue simplification. When illuminated, I like the new logo very much. It almost comes close to the 1967 logo version. However, it becomes more difficult in media applications: Here the logo quickly becomes a lightweight, it appears disproportionate and the circle appears too thin in relation to the letters. It gets a retro charm, but no assertiveness. But especially if you want a flexible layout system, the logo needs strength so that it doesn't become a side note."

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