Ruediger Goetz to join Peter Schmidt Group as managing director

Ruediger Goetz will be the new managing director of Peter Schmidt Group, Germany's top-selling brand and design agency. A multi-award-winning designer, Goetz will run the business together with managing partners Armin Angerer and Lukas Cottrell beginning in autumn 2020. He will strengthen the agency's creative impetus and promote the internationalization of the agency's business.

Peter Schmidt Group is restructuring its management. Ruediger Goetz is joining Germany's top-selling brand and design agency as managing director, where he will assist managing partners Armin Angerer and Lukas Cottrell in strengthening the agency's creative excellence and promoting the international growth of the business. "We are pleased to have attracted to a leadership position one of Germany's most respected designers," said Lukas Cottrell. "It is our ongoing objective to create outstanding solutions that inspire our clients and meet the challenges of tomorrow. We will redouble our efforts to provide surprising, technologically groundbreaking impulses in communication. Ruediger's wealth of experience will play a valuable role in this endeavor, as will his personality as an inspiring team player."

Peter Schmidt Group to strengthen its position within the international design market

The three managing directors have known and respected each other for many years, and have been in close contact for quite some time. "Furthering the creative development of a successful and influential agency like Peter Schmidt Group is a very appealing prospect for me," Goetz said. "In my view, Peter Schmidt Group is the strongest brand in our industry. It combines the legacy of a style-defining founder with a strong team covering a broad spectrum of competencies and the effectiveness of an international network." Goetz also sees exciting perspectives and a competitive edge in the public perception of Peter Schmidt Group as a German agency. "Strategic brand design 'Made in Germany' is diligently well-thought-out, and emphasizes clarity and visual consistency. That makes it a compelling option on the international design market."

Persuasive communication in addition to aesthetic design

The winner of multiple awards, Ruediger Goetz is considered one of Germany's most renowned designers. His body of work is evidence for his approach of creating persuasive communication media as opposed to merely formally aesthetic design. Ruediger Goetz is a member of the ADC and DDC professional organizations, and is a professor at the Academy of Fashion and Design (Akademie für Mode & Design, AMD) as well as the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. He frequently serves on the panel of judges in creative competitions, including a stint as the German representative on the design jury of the Cannes Lions Festival in 2017. From November 2020 at the latest, he will work primarily from the Hamburg offices of Peter Schmidt Group. This will also bring him closer to his family in Sweden.

Peter Schmidt Group is Germany's top-selling brand and design agency and part of BBDO Group Germany. With offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo, the agency helps brands navigate the winds of change by combining meaningful ideas with a passion for design to create solutions that are both immediately effective and emotionally appealing. Peter Schmidt Group is the lead agency for the corporate design of Deutsche Bahn and Mercedes-Benz. The agency's clients include companies like Henkel, Linde, Postbank, KfW, Douglas and REWE.

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