Mechthild Bertram and Norbert Möller talk about sound branding at the Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival is considered the biggest club festival in Europe. But it also includes an extensive schedule of conferences targeting companies and organizations in the international music and digital economy sectors. This year it, like many other events, was held online – making it possible for people to follow the action from wherever they happened to be. This year, Executive Director Mechthild Betram and Executive Creative Director Norbert Möller will join Timo Blunck, Managing Partner of the BLUT Conceptual Audio Design agency for a discussion on the topic From Sound Logo to Sound Ambassador.

They will introduce new ways to acoustically position brands in a multi-channel world and stay relevant across a wide variety of multiple touchpoints. The event will be streamed on Conference Channel 2 on Thursday, 17 September, beginning at 1:30 p.m.

The starting point for the discussion is the corporate sound that the speakers created for their client Schüco. This sound was created on instruments made from the company's products. The result was a sound that not only stands uniquely for the company, but also demonstrates the quality of their materials and the precision of their workmanship – two prerequisites for the making of musical instruments. The work has won awards in numerous creative competitions, including ADC, Red Dot Award Communication Design and iF Design Award. Based on this work, the speakers will focus on current challenges and industry trends.

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