“Best of the Best” and three more Red Dots for projects by Peter Schmidt Group

The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group was very successful in this year’s Red Dot Award Brands & Communication Design. The panel of judges awarded two prizes to the agency's Grace of Waste project, namely a Red Dot in the Sustainable Design category and the Best of the Best in the Direct Marketing category. Prizes also went to agency for its work on Cold.t, the new iced tea brand from Eilles, as well as the packaging for El Origen snack chips.

With its “Grace of Waste” furoshiki cloth, Peter Schmidt Group brings the Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in beautifully printed fabrics to Germany. But in this case, the fabric is made from recycled ocean plastic, and upon closer inspection the pattern printed on the cloth illustrates the location of the garbage patches in the world's oceans. Each time the cloth is reused and passed on to a new recipient, its aesthetically coded message raises awareness for the problem of pollution. The project idea has won honors at numerous international creative competitions, including ADC, D&AD and the One Show. Now two more awards can be added to the list, as the 2020 Red Dot Award Brands & Communication Design show has named the project the “Best of the Best” in the Direct Marketing category, in addition to a bestowing Red Dot in Sustainable Design.

“Grace of Waste is the culmination of everything our agency stands for in a single product," explained managing partner Lukas Cottrell. “Excellent design, high sustainability standards, our close connection to Japanese culture – and the creative expertise to bring all of these aspects together in a unique idea that moves people.” The project was realized by a multi-national team led by the creative directors Ulrich Aldinger and Sven Franke. The illustrations were created by Kyonosuke Takayasu, an artist from Tokyo.

Two more Peter Schmidt Group projects received Red Dot awards in the area of consumer branding. For its client Eilles, the agency developed the new Cold.t iced tea brand, enhancing the company's familiar visual identity with fresh, new colors and a contemporary illustration style. The packaging for the El Origen brand of snack chips sets itself apart from the competition on supermarket shelves thanks to a distinctive, home-made appearance featuring iconic paper cutouts.

Peter Schmidt Group is Germany's top-selling brand and design agency and part of BBDO Group Germany. With offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo, the agency helps brands navigate the winds of change by combining meaningful ideas with a passion for design to create solutions that are both immediately effective and emotionally appealing. Peter Schmidt Group is the lead agency for the corporate design of Deutsche Bank and Mercedes-Benz. The agency's clients include companies like Henkel, Linde, Postbank, KfW, Douglas and REWE.

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