Sven Rieckmann, Rob O’Brien and Swenja Helms promoted within Peter Schmidt Group

The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has announced three promotions. Sven Rieckmann and Rob O’Brien, both previously design directors, are now the Creative Directors of their respective teams. Swenja Helms will take over additional leadership responsibilities as Director Consulting for the corporate design team in Hamburg.

Managing partner Armin Angerer sees the change not only as recognition of their outstanding work, but also as a signal that three colleagues aim to strengthen their impact in the currently difficult and demanding economic situation. “All three have proven over the years that they can help transform brands and kindle enthusiasm among their teams. They are committed to bringing our agency forward in meaningful ways and inspiring our clients on a daily basis.”

Sven Rieckmann has been with Peter Schmidt Group for more than 12 years. He manages the brands of major clients such as Imperial Brands, as well as clients from the lifestyle and sports sector, including the growing E-sport segment. He has also organized and executed creative projects, festivals and workshops, and has in the past few years helped anchor sustainability issues as a matter-of-fact aspect of daily work processes. “Now, as Creative Director, Sven officially occupies the position most of his clients see him as fulfilling anyway,” Angerer is convinced. The same is true of Rob O’Brien, who has been with Peter Schmidt Group since February 2015, working on projects that combine his expertise for both branding and digital interface design.  He is the contact person for clients like Here Technologies, Imperial Brands and Mercedes-Benz.

Swenja Helms, on the other hand, will support corporate design clients in her new position as Director Consulting. Helms has been with Peter Schmidt Group since the end of 2015, having previously spent about 15 years in communication agencies. At Peter Schmidt Group she advises both global players like Hilti and Schüco, and not-for-profit cultural associations like Freunde der Kunsthalle. Her efforts ensure the agency's holistic consulting approach is applied from start to finish – from the strategy and design development to subsequent implementation.

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