The Peter Schmidt Group has given Bavaria's art galleries a new visual appearance

The State Painting Collections of Bavaria (Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen) have recently acquired a new, unified look that not only encompasses three of Munich's best known art galleries, the Brandhorst Museum and the Schack Collection, but also 14 other associated galleries throughout the German state. The corporate design was created at the brand and design agency the Peter Schmidt Group's Munich office where customers from across southern Germany are serviced from the state capital.

The art galleries in particular; the Alte and Neue Pinakothek as well as the Pinakothek der Moderne, are internationally renowned showcases of the State Painting Collections of Bavaria which represent European art history from the 14th century until the present day in a dimension that few other museums can rival. Containing countless works of art which have been collected over the last 500 years, these galleries are well known to the public in general, yet it is an often overlooked fact that they are also central institutes of the State Painting Collections of Bavaria which also includes many other notable museums and collections. Against this background a new umbrella brand system has been developed that creates a strong, uniform appearance which befits such a heritage.

The result is a striking logo where the scope and diversity of the collections are represented through a satisfying, contrast of simplicity. It consists of a typogram: The letter B, for the State Painting Collections of Bavaria, is connected to the P of Pinakothek, the German word for art gallery, through an open angle that not only separates and defines the two characters, but also visualises a picture frame that denotes the claim of the institution to make art more accessible to the public. "The new logo is adaptable across different media to highlight the diverse content of the many collections, is highly flexible, visually memorable and now connects the identity of each individual gallery and institute to the entire collection through an umbrella brand," said Norbert Möller, who as Executive Creative Director was responsible for the brand's redevelopment. The new logo effortlessly compliments the existing brand appearance through an identical colour spectrum that flexibly combines with the typography used by each institute, yet still enables the introduction of further communication media in the future.

Ongoing corporate design will continue to be managed from the agency's Munich office, which has been headed up by Ulrich Aldinger since 2016, and includes a further development of office equipment, print media and an eventual campaign launch. Alongside corporate design projects for the House of Bavarian History (Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte) and the Bavarian State Chancellery (Bayerische Staatskanzlei), The State Painting Collections of Bavaria is now the third prominent customer from the cultural sector that the Peter Schmidt Group creatively supports from its Munich office.

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