Peter Schmidt Group launches brand management software BrandScape

Major corporations such as Deutsche Bahn and Linde have been using it for years, and now it is available to everyone: BrandScape brand management software. Developed by Peter Schmidt Group, the all-in-one solution provides all the tools brand makers need, from digital style guides to media libraries, and is immediately available for use. With no steep learning curve, it can simplify brand management tasks from day one.

All tools in a single platform

The basis of BrandScape is a digital style guide. The respective modules and the WYSIWYG interface make it very easy to build and maintain. Oftentimes companies are already using various digital systems for their brand work and want to bundle them in a central portal. What most standard software fails to achieve is no problem for BrandScape. It makes all the various tools centrally accessible, from digital asset management to web and print publishing, from a video database to e-learning and training tools, from newsletter components to shop systems. "We have been working on powerful and flexible brand management solutions for large corporations for over ten years. These solutions have proven invaluable in numerous rollouts and most recently also in the merger of Linde and Praxair. So we know the requirements, and BrandScape enables us to fulfill them individually and flexibly," says Lukas Cottrell, Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group.

With the all-in-one solution from Peter Schmidt Group, brand work can be controlled efficiently and intuitively. Developed by brand makers for brand makers, BrandScape works out of the box, can be adapted to internal company processes and systems, and can also be expanded as required. Moreover, the system fits seamlessly into the look and feel of brands. 

Many components, one look, one-time log-in

Although different systems are used, the user never notices. Thanks to UI integration, users only have to log in to the portal once using a single sign-in, and can then take advantage of all the tools thanks to a uniform interface that corresponds to the corporate identity of the respective brand. The responsive design also makes it possible to display on different output devices. "If CI-compliant brand work is to become a positive overall experience in all disciplines, brand portals must be designed to be as application-oriented and contextual as possible. With BrandScape, companies are optimally positioned to meet the needs of future-oriented and holistic brand management," says Mete Oeztuncel, Executive Director Technology, Peter Schmidt Group.

Fast implementation for successful brand implementation

A powerful brand portal can be crucial for an efficient brand rollout. Take for example the solution Peter Schmidt Group designed for Hilti. Within six months, the brand and design agency implemented a comprehensive, customized, enterprise solution with an integrated change microsite. 

Further information about BrandScape is available at

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