Peter Schmidt Group offers a free set of pictograms for a safe return to everyday office life

During the corona pandemic, it is important to communicate safety instructions quickly and clearly. Peter Schmidt Group has developed a set of pictograms and posters that companies can download free of charge and use to inform employees about rules of conduct as they come back to the office.

More and more people are returning from the home office to their workplace. That means companies neeto to create the conditions for a safe working environment and advise employees of the new rules of conduct. After all, much of what is necessary to minimize the risk of infection seems uncustomary in the familiar professional environment. Even a casual chat around the water cooler suddenly represents a safety risk. The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has developed a set of intuitively understandable pictograms that anyone can download and use free of charge.

The set includes about thirty pictograms. The agency also provides ready-to-use posters that companies can display to draw attention to behavioral recommendations – be it social distancing guidelines, instructions for disinfecting shared materials, or rules for the use of meeting rooms and kitchens. Companies that want to modify the posters can use the freely editable InDesign templates to adapt them to their specific situation or visual identity. The files are all available for free download.

The pictograms are designed on the basis of internationally recognized shapes and colors. For example, the circular design and the dark blue contours quote the visual rules for "Mandatory Safety Signs" according to DIN EN ISO 7010. The mint green used in the details is associated across diverse cultures with hygiene, protection and health aspects.

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