PAGE – Better Brands: Sustainability as a strategy for brands

Sustainability ability: Under this headline, the design magazine PAGE presents creative projects that set benchmarks in sustainability. With exciting initiatives from Nike, Brita or Asket. PAGE also talked to Managing Partner Lukas Cottrell about the results of the Better Brands 2021 study.

"What role does sustainability play in terms of what consumers expect of brands today?
Our study delivered very clear results on this: 73 percent of people in Germany consider sustainability to be an extremely important issue. Interestingly, there are still differences between the political camps, but otherwise, for example, academics and non-academics, but also the different age groups are very close together.

How has the issue of greenwashing evolved? Have brands learned from their past mistakes?
Companies' sustainability initiatives are now very serious - I also experience this every day with our customers. They know very well that it is no longer enough to show sympathy for the cause of sustainability. The pressure from consumers is too great - their expectations are forcing companies to become really active. We are noticing a significant shift in brand work, away from brand management to brand activism."

Read the full interview in issue 01/2021 of PAGE. You may also download the short summary of the "Better Brands 2021" study here.

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