PAGE: Mockup methods in packaging design from 2D to 3D

From scribble to 3D printing, from Adobe Dimension to high-quality rendering: In the current issue of PAGE magazine, Florian Schaake and Daniele Gasparini talk about mockup methods in packaging design.

"Scribble, design, craft, print in 3D or render – there are many mock-up methods for packaging designers. Which method fits when depends on the different phases of the design process."

Florian Schaake and Daniele Gasparini, both Design Directors, talked to PAGE magazine about how software tools make their work easier – but also about the situations in which hand sketches are more convincing. They gave an insight into their work for MezzoMix and the launch of Rauch's Nativa iced tea. The complete article was published in issue 12/2020.

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