PAGE – “Preparing for a global pandemic wasn’t on most brand managers’ agenda”

Empathic Branding – to us, that means empowering brands to establish an emotional bond with people. The focus is on how design can be used to create and cultivate close customer relationships. It's only possible when you know what is important to people – and not only on the rational level, but on the emotional level as well. We spoke with PAGE about empathic brand management.

“Good brand management requires branding that is both transparent and flexible, that approaches customers empathetically, responding to their individual needs in a variety of diverse situations, while ensuring the brand remains consistent and unmistakably recognizable. This is even more true in times of crisis. The design and brand agency Peter Schmidt Group has taken a leading role in the area of empathetic branding. We design and develop strategic corporate identities that are both consistent and adaptable for clients such as Deutsche Bahn.

We spoke with managing partner Lukas Cottrell, creative director Felix Damerius and strategy director Sebastian Krowarz about why empathetic branding plays such a crucial role, especially in today's world, as well as how the agency deploys it for our clients and how it impacts the role of the designer.

Find the complete interview in edition 08/2020 of PAGE and on the PAGE website.

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