Peter Schmidt Group creates new design for BahnCards of Deutsche Bahn

Effective August 2020, the BahnCards of Deutsche Bahn have a new look. The agency behind the new appearance is Peter Schmidt Group, the brand and design agency that has been responsible for the corporate identity of Deutsche Bahn since 2017. Now the agency has applied its new design principles to the BahnCards of Germany's railway company.

The new design is simple and reduced to the essentials, namely the basic colors of Deutsche Bahn. The BahnCards 25 and 50 for second class are red, while the BahnCard 100 is black. White is reserved for first class BahnCards.

Large numerals indicate the cards' value. The familiar green stripe that previously appeared on the front of the cards is now on the back, along with a hologram. Important information for Deutsche Bahn passengers is set in the DB typeface.

"The design for the BahnCards had to meet existing production requirements. The typography had to be easy to read, and simultaneously functions as a design element in its own right," said Felix Damerius, creative director of Peter Schmidt Group. "In close collaboration with Deutsche Bahn we succeeded in developing a system that is both modern and minimalistic – in keeping with the brand's overall corporate design. It works quite well for the BahnCards, including those that double as credit cards."

The My BahnCards for first and second class customers are the only cards that are not monochrome. For them, Peter Schmidt Group used picture motifs that reflect themes of travel and discovery, which have a special appeal for younger target groups. A transparent strip in the lower third of the cards underscores their contemporary appearance.

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