Peter Schmidt Group develops new corporate design for the Mey brand of bodywear

As part of the strategic development of Mey – one of the leading brands for high-quality men's and women's underwear – the brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has developed a new brand identity. It includes a new logo, an extensive set of corporate design elements, new designed packaging and a new tagline. Mey is about to undertake its most comprehensive brand relaunch in 30 years.

Since the company's founding in 1928, the family business has always been driven by one thing – a passion for achieving the best possible quality. Continuous improvement, accuracy in each and every step of production, responsible use of resources and respect for the people who ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship – these are still the essential characteristics of the brand to this day. The new tagline "Speaking Quality" reflects the brand's DNA and places the company's mission even more firmly in the center of its communication.

The new logo is the heart of the revamped corporate design and appears in two variants. The version with the addendum "1928" is used by the umbrella brand when there is no immediate connection to the company's products. Product communication uses the logo without this addendum. The new wordmark departs from the former logo's sans-serif look while paying tribute to the company's history and its craftsmanship. It features a reduced serif with a cut-out effect such as occurs automatically when letters are embroidered on fabric. The typography embodies this combination of a textile-like structure with the finesse and love of detail conveyed by the modified serifs.

"The passion that the entire team at Mey puts into their products impressed us from our very first visit. These days it is absolutely extraordinary to find a company in Germany where everyone knows the first names of all the seamstresses. From the outset, we thought this absolute commitment to the product, the care they take with resources and the employees who create the product – this dedication needs to be made manifest in the logo itself, but it also has to be a theme in all of the brand's communication measures. Because that's exactly the kind of sustainability the modern world is currently looking for," said Heidrun Angerer, Executive Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group.

The development of the new packaging focused on Mey's role as an advisor helping customers find the optimal product. The packaging provides retailers and consumers many valuable insights. Along with series-specific color-coding and USP icons on the front, there is additional information such as certification seals and a QR code that provides insights into the production chain and the features of the particular item. And the packaging uses considerably less plastic. Products in the classic series are no longer delivered in polybags but in FSC-certified cartons made largely of recycled materials. The revamped packaging system is not only clearer and more concise, but also reflects the value and high quality standards of Mey products.

"In the future we want to communicate our standards even more clearly: Uncompromising quality that can be felt and experienced in every one of our products. This is also underscored by the new tagline, 'Speaking Quality,'" said Matthias Mey, Managing Partner of the Mey Group.

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