Packaging: Central point of contact for the brand

In the world of packaging, there's no such thing as a universal, one-size-fits-all solution. The magazine Markenartikel asked representatives of the design agencies Berndt+Partner Creality, DeTeMa, Peter Schmidt Group and WinDesign how they nevertheless try to satisfy the growing demands of industry, trade and customers.

Katrin Niesen, member of the management board of Peter Schmidt Group, said, "There is not just one kind of packaging. Consumers place very different expectations on products, brands and services – and the packaging changes its role, function and importance accordingly. The packaging for an engagement ring, for example, contains high expectations and an important signal. The shipping boxes used by Amazon, on the other hand, are primarily a means of transport – they need to protect goods and be easy to open. In the case of prescription medicines, the packaging has an informative purpose. Packaging is therefore a medium that is multi-layered in role and function."

The trade journal Markenartikel asked experts from the industry about the potential of packaging design – including Katrin Niesen, Executive Creative Director of the Peter Schmidt Group.

You can find an excerpt of the interview here online. (in German) The complete text was published in issue 9/2018.

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