Peter Schmidt Group expands its Management Board

The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group is adding three people to its management board. Effective immediately, Kristin Janoschka, Florian Lauffer and Inga Wolter will bring their talents to the management team. The change is being made to strengthen cooperation in the areas of strategic agency positioning and international tasks, and to enhance the creative discussion culture in the agency's operative business.

Until now the management board of the Peter Schmidt Group comprised five persons. In addition to the two managing directors Armin Angerer and Lukas Cottrell, Katrin Niesen, Norbert Möller (each holding the title of Executive Creative Director) and Jörg Heydenreich (Chief Financial Officer) were also represented on the board. From now on this circle will be extended: Kristin Janoschka, Florian Lauffer (each Executive Director Consulting) and Inga Wolter (Executive Creative Director) are new to the team. This makes the management team younger, more feminine, but also larger in general – and gives it the personnel clout to deal with the goals that the agency has set for itself. "Our work is much more international today than ten years ago. We generate a large part of our turnover with interdisciplinary projects abroad," explained Managing Partner Armin Angerer. The tasks that are growing in this context should not only be spread over several shoulders, but anchored more deeply in the agency culture. According to Angerer, the enlarged management board better reflects different points of view within the agency and offers the best prerequisites for forming opinions and making creative decisions.

"With Kristin Janoschka, Inga Wolter and Florian Lauffer, our management board is expanding to include three colleagues who naturally exemplify what makes projects successful: Close collaboration, an international approach and the highest creative standards," said Managing Director Lukas Cottrell. All three have been with the Peter Schmidt Group for several years. Kristin Janoschka has been working for the agency since 2011, and has been leading the consulting team at the Frankfurt office since 2015 as the primary account manager for the agency's major client Deutsche Bahn, among other accounts. Florian Lauffer has many years of expertise in managing global brand rollouts and brand management processes for clients such as Linde and Imperial Brands. Inga Wolter has been leading the latter creatively for many years. Among other things, she was responsible for the Europe-wide introduction of new packaging designs for all tobacco brands belonging to the company.

The Peter Schmidt Group was founded in 1972. It is currently Germany's top-selling brand and design agency and part of the BBDO Group Germany. Its clients include major international corporations such as Linde, Henkel and Imperial Brands, financial institutions such as Postbank, DZ BANK and Union Investment, fashion and beauty brands, and cultural institutions. Since 2017, the Peter Schmidt Group has also been responsible for the corporate design of Deutsche Bahn. The agency's offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo employ a staff of 220.

About the individuals:

Kristin Janoschka
Executive Director Consulting
Kristin Janoschka is Executive Director Consulting of the Peter Schmidt Group. She is the central point of contact for clients such as Deutsche Bahn, BASF, Continental and KfW, managing their interdisciplinary projects. Her responsibilities range from classic corporate design topics to brand communication and complex implementation solutions. Kristin studied business administration and worked at a trading company and other agencies for several years before joining the Peter Schmidt Group in 2011.

Florian Lauffer
Executive Director Consulting
Florian Lauffer is Executive Director Consulting at the Peter Schmidt Group. He is responsible for brand management and project management, and has extensive expertise in digital brand management. He is the first point of contact for clients at senior management, executive or board level. Florian studied business administration and has been working for the Peter Schmidt Group since 2008. He leads international projects for companies such as Linde, Imperial Brands, Mercedes, Nordea and DHL.

Inga Wolter
Executive Creative Director
Inga Wolter is Executive Creative Director at the Peter Schmidt Group. She studied communication design and has been working for the agency since 2004. During this time Inga worked for national and international clients such as Osram, Beiersdorf, Merz and Görtz. Since 2007 she has also been responsible for the creative development of all brand touchpoints for Imperial Brands, the largest international client of the Peter Schmidt Group. She leads five teams with a total of 35 employees.

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