Lukas Cottrell becomes the new Location Manager for Frankfurt

Gregor Ade has decided to leave the brand and design agency of his own accord

The Peter Schmidt Group has once more reorganised its management team in Frankfurt and Lukas Cottrell (44), previously a General Manager at the brand and design agency, now heads the whole of Frankfurt's business operations as Location Manager.  Current Managing Partner Gregor Ade (43) has decided to leave the company of his own accord yet remains on the best terms with the agency. "After seven successful years with the company I now feel ready for a professional change and for new challenges," said Gregor.

"Gregor Ade has achieved great things for the Peter Schmidt Group and for this we are extremely grateful," said Frank Lotze, CEO of the BBDO Group Germany. "The Peter Schmidt Group is now well positioned and saw a record year in 2014. With Lukas Cottrell we are now planning to further expand our business and customer portfolio," said Armin Angerer, Managing Partner of the agency.

The Peter Schmidt Group has locations in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo and today is both the foremost and fastest-growing brand and design agency within Germany in terms of customers, turnover and number of employees. It is part of the BBDO Group Germany and its previous year's successful financial performance also helped to make it Germany's largest agency network in 2014.

In addition to his new role as Location Manager, Lukas Cottrell continues to maintain direct responsibility in Frankfurt for both the Brand Management and Brand Strategy divisions. Lukas, who is considered to be one of the most prominent people within the branding industry and has extensive international experience, has been with the Peter Schmidt Group since February 2015. Previously he was employed by the branding agency Landor, also in a leading position. Supporting this change is also Felix Damerius (34), who joined the Peter Schmidt Group in May 2015 as Creative Director for the Corporate Design Team, and he brings extensive brand and digital experience to the agency.

The Peter Schmidt Group remains extremely pleased, however, that Gregor, a member of the German Designer Club (DDC) and the Art Directors Club (ADC), has the honour of representing the Peter Schmidt Group as a member of the design jury at this year's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity before he leaves the Agency.