Two hundred home offices bring more variety to the logo of Peter Schmidt Group

For four weeks now, the creatives of Peter Schmidt Group have been working from home. And each employee can use a special app to develop an individual logo that matches their respective location. This is the agency's way of demonstrating how brands can gain strength by exhibiting empathy and adapting to changing conditions flexibly.

In many companies, working from home has replaced walking to the office, and Peter Schmidt Group is no exception. The brand and design agency has "grown" from five to more than two hundred locations in the past four weeks. And the agency has chosen to communicate this change visually – thereby showing how a company can react flexibly to communicative challenges. "Brands must have the power to adapt to ever new contexts," says Executive Creative Director Norbert Möller. "Much more important than a logo that is always the same is a clear and consistent personality. For us, this means not a campaign logo decreed from above for the Corona era, but the empowerment of the employees. Accordingly, during the first week of the changeover the agency gave employees the opportunity to use an online tool to develop a location logo for use in communication.

The wordmark, set in the corporate typeface "Peter Schmidt Serif," serves as a unifying element, while the symbol – the elephant that is part of the official Peter Schmidt Group logo – is afforded the greatest possible variance. Whether hand-drawn, computer-generated or a photo of a holiday souvenir, it makes no difference what kind of elephant is displayed. Employees can also add their own communicative messages in an individual tagline.

Participative brands strengthen the team spirit

A brand that is open to its employees and can be shaped by them proves itself to be accessible – and that is exactly what matters in the current situation. "As much as many colleagues are happy to work from the home office, it is also important to maintain the team spirit," Möller knows. The ability to customize the logo creates an opportunity for participation. Colleagues enjoy decoding each others' logos, exchanging ideas and keeping their sense of humor while working from their desks at home.

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