Peter Schmidt Group is one of Germany's most innovative companies

In a study by the business magazine Capital and the statistics portal Statista, 3000 industry experts put more than 1700 companies in Germany to the test. Of those companies, 442 were judged to be the most innovative in Germany in 2020, with Peter Schmidt Group receiving the highest rating of a full five stars, making it one of the drivers of innovation.

The complete list has been published in issue 3/2020 of Capital and is also freely available online. You will find the Peter Schmidt Group in the category "Internet, Media & Communication":

"Brand work is changing radically," says Lukas Cottrell, managing partner of Peter Schmidt Group. "It is increasingly important for companies to be able to adapt brand appearances flexibly to a variety of diverse situations while at the same time remaining unmistakable. At the same time, they face the urgent task of setting the course for automated communication and the integration of artificial intelligence in design processes. An exciting part of our day-to-day work is helping them along that pathway."

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