The Peter Schmidt Group receives an Iconic Award in the category

In 2017 the Peter Schmidt Group has presented itself for the first time at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf, the world's largest retail trade fair, where the agency’s stand had been designed by its in-house Brand Spaces Team and its modest 15 m2 left a lasting impression on the fair’s visitors. Now, the combined competences of the agency’s interior architects and industrial designers, created under the guiding hand of Steven Cichon, Director of Brand Spaces, have also impressed the jurors of the Iconic Award. With a coveted prize in the category

The leitmotif for the fair stand had been the motto "We are a blast!" that not only stood for the ability and expertise of the brand and design agency to single handedly realise projects for a diverse range of customers and target groups, but also represented a spatial concept that “blasted” in the truest sense of the word. The stand had been dominated by a huge popcorn cannon that immediately caught each visitor’s attention and served an eye-catcher that symbolised the potential multisensory experience of every built space, including both smell and taste.

The surface of the stand had been built of Jerusalem pine and then decorated with colours and patterns reminiscent of both the current eighties Memphis style revival and circus motifs. The visual design had also extended to brochures, giveaways and an on-site digital presentation that resulted in both an on-trend and colourful visual world that not only generated visitor’s curiosity and promoted dialogues, but also firmly anchored the Peter Schmidt Group within visitor’s minds.

"We look, feel, smell and hear and each of these perceptional senses can be used to promote brand awareness. As an example of a multisensory experience, our stand was a taste of what can be possible within a built space," said Steven Cichon, Director of Brand Spaces at the Peter Schmidt Group. "We did not have to wait long to witness the success of our concept as our fair stand quickly became one of the most photographed items at the event."

The Brand Spaces Team at the Peter Schmidt Group translates brand values ​​into convincing concepts which can be experienced across all senses. The spatial spectrum ranges from retail environments to pop-up, trade fair and event design right through to digital networks and interactive brand communication. The Brand Spaces Team delivers consistently holistic concepts that draw on the strategic, corporate identity, design, interactive design and brand management expertise of the Peter Schmidt Group. Currently, the agency’s interior architects and industrial designers are implementing trade fair guidelines for both Hilti and Sennheiser as well as creating corporate architecture and an office design for Interone.

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