The Peter Schmidt Group has developed a new brand appearance for the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte

The Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg is expected to open in November 2018 and as part of its development the Peter Schmidt Group has recently created a new appearance for its umbrella brand the

Yet, not only the museum has become more visible but also the previously little known Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte has gained prominence alongside the overall brand appearance. The Peter Schmidt Group has developed a unified design concept that now clearly aligns every event, exhibition and publication undertaken by the institution under a strong umbrella brand. A revised logo additionally enables the umbrella brand to remain highly visible across all communication of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte’s many sub brands, while a new picture language combines Bavaria's twin claims to both tradition and modernity in a striking manner.

The new picture language is centred within an historical script that was originally used in the Bavarian constitution in 1919 and now combines a stylised letter “B” with elements of Bavaria’s signature diamond pattern. The Peter Schmidt Group has also adopted this distinctive feature throughout the institute’s entire communication where individual letters can be used as a frame for motifs and images which symbolise the history of Bavaria. A modern and friendly colour scheme additionally contrasts both the contemporary typography and white background to complete the overall design.

For the permanent exhibitions of the state’s nine museums the pastel blue "B" for Bavaria frames different characters and images which are firmly rooted within its tradition: A lion, symbolic of Bavaria’s state coat of arms, and a dragon, an icon of the state for more than 400 years, as well as a balloon that represents the successful flight of two families from the former GDR to Oberfranken in the north of the state, and of course Jim Knopf, the most famous figure of all from the puppet show Augsburger Puppenkiste. This concept has already been implemented for the Bavarian state exhibition "Forest, Mountains and King's Dream - the Myth of Bavaria" (Wald, Gebirg und Königstraum - Mythos Bayern) which will run from May to November 2018 at the monastery of Kloster Ettal in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

To promote flexibility the framing letter, its colour and associated picture world can also be varied to thematically reflect the content and motto of each event, such as a where a stylised yellow “N” has been combined with a well known portrait of Napoleon.

"The new appearance not only creates an illustrative narrative of Bavaria’s cultural heritage and historical diversity, but also sends a clear branding signal across all media channels thanks to its striking use of stylised letters," said Ulrich Aldinger, Creative Director at the Peter Schmidt Group in Munich.

The Peter Schmidt Group convinced the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte during a tender process in 2016 in which agencies from across Germany had participated in.  As Germany's largest brand and design agency the Peter Schmidt Group has additionally been chosen by numerous other cultural institutions to represent them and today it is also responsible for the brand appearance of the Pinakotheken galleries in Munich and the Bavarian State Ministry as well as the Goethe Institute.

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