Special mention for Qi2 at German Design Award

After receiving the Red Dot Award, our packaging for Qi2 can now look forward to another prize: the German Design Council is honouring the sports nutrition packaging design with a special mention at the German Design Award 2014.

The brand’s succinct design and the three systematically coded product lines position the product as high quality, innovative and puristic. The range and information hierarchy follow a clear structure and make Qi2 instantly recognisable as a fitness product. The overall image won over the jury. ‘With Qi2 we have succeeded in perfectly positioning a brand in the busy market of fitness products: simple yet not mundane; premium yet accessible. It is a product that appeals to a young target group and creates a logical distinction within the range thanks to clear colour coding,’ says Design Director Ulrich Aldinger.

You can find further information on Qi2 in the detailed project presentation.

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