Sustainable design makes companies more successful

The white paper 'Brand Boost: Sustainable Design' shows brands in which fields they can act sustainably and become crisis-proof

"Sustainable design involves ecological, economical and social aspects. But they are often overlooked in the day-to-day business of brand management. The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has published a report called Brand Boost: Sustainable Design that shows companies how they can realize untapped potential and augment their long-term success. (...) It identifies the five most important areas in which companies can take action, shows best practice examples, and suggests concrete actions for companies to consider. However, an individual analysis is recommended to determine which of these options is the right fit for a particular brand. In conducting such an assessment, Peter Schmidt Group relies on a catalog of actions that covers 30 indicators of sustainable design, ranging from questions about which materials to use and the carbon footprint of digital media, to ergonomic aspects and the use of non-discriminatory images."

You can read the whole article online on the website of "Forum Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften".

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