LSG Group launches the new brand Everstaste with the help of Peter Schmidt Group

Effective immediately, the new brand Evertaste is part of the portfolio of LSG Group. Evertaste supplies high-quality, packaged food products and convenience food solutions – from selection of ingredients and preparation of recipes to the design and production of packaging. The brand was realized in collaboration with Peter Schmidt Group. In addition to strategic positioning, the brand and design agency developed the visual identity for Evertaste.

“Whether it’s a snack box to take away or a sandwich on the run – with its Evertaste brand, LSG Group addresses companies that want to provide their customers with a selection of high-quality foods they can enjoy on the go,” said Jan Facchinetti, Associate Director Consulting at Peter Schmidt Group. “With Evertaste we have succeeded in combining a wide range of choices under a single, global brand, enabling us to better respond to the demands of the rapidly changing convenience retail market. After all, ‘on the go’ is relevant not only to people traveling on planes and trains, but also anyone who wants to pick up a bite to eat at a cafe or filling station.”

“Our strength lies in our agility. We are flexible enough to develop and deliver custom-made, individualized solutions for any customer. Thanks to our expertise in production development, state-of-the-art production methods and delivery management, as well as our product marketing and licensing capabilities, we are transforming ideas into delicious, popular menu items. Our new Evertaste brand reflects this perfectly, and our customers are just as excited about it as we are,” said Lorenza Maggio, Head of Nominated Products and Central Production Europe for Evertaste.

Being easily accessible for diverse customers, serving an international roster of clients with innovative, individualized solutions – all this is also reflected in the design of the Evertaste brand. The characteristic typeface combines hand-written letters with a “no-nonsense” sans-serif font. The color spectrum is “fruity” – with a predominant blueberry shade appearing in all communication. Other distinctive elements include the “Flavor Shapes” that serve to convey important messages. As in nature, these shapes are never perfectly round but have an organic feel.

Evertaste is a brand of LSG Group, the world’s leading supplier of seamless product and service portfolios for all aspects of on-board service. The range includes catering, on-board sales and entertainment programs, board-service equipment, as well as all relevant logistics support, in addition to consulting services and the operation of lounges. Many travelers are familiar with the brand LSG Sky Chefs, which primarily serves airlines. With Evertaste, LSG Group is consolidating its portfolio: The previous brand names and divisions of LSG Group that covered the packaged products segment such as Starfood, Oakfield Farms and Constance Food Group, will be gradually replaced by Evertaste.

Since 2016 LSG Group has been a client of Peter Schmidt Group, currently Germany’s most successful brand and design agency, with offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Tokyo. It serves major global corporations including Linde, Henkel and Hilti, financial companies such as DZ BANK and Union Investment, as well as cultural institutions and numerous companies in the food sector. Since 2017 Peter Schmidt Group has also been responsible for the brand identity of the Deutsche Bahn railway.

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