Peter Schmidt Group develops new logo for Douglas

Europe’s leading beauty retailer Douglas has fundamentally revamped its brand identity. At the heart of the new look is a campaign featuring extraordinarily personal images of international celebrities Cara Delevingne, Amber Valletta, Alexa Chung, Lineisy Montero, Jon Kortajarena and the German influencer Caro Daur by the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh. And beginning this summer, Douglas will replace its familiar, 50-year-old insignia with a new logo. The new corporate design was created by a team led by Heidrun Angerer, Executive Creative Director of the Peter Schmidt Group, who is responsible for many clients in the lifestyle, luxury, fashion and beauty sectors.

The typeface: Distinctive and impactful, like individual beauty

The new logo – a crisp and clear wordmark set in sans-serif capital letters – conveys a strong personality. Typographical details such as the different widths of the letters that are characteristic of the typeface, create a captivating appearance. The designers deliberately chose this distinctive version over a more balanced approach. This solution is better suited to the contemporary concept of beauty that Douglas aims to convey: More than ever before, individual beauty is a function of a strong personality and individual traits. Beauty is grounded in self-confidence. It is authentic and genuine, and rooted in inner strength. Beauty means having the courage to be yourself – because nothing is more attractive than uniqueness.

The two first letters link up to encourage action

A striking feature of the new logo is the fact that the first two letters are linked together. As Heidrun Angerer explains, this ligature illustrates the “connection” principle that guided the entire redesign effort. She stressed that the particular type of connection is not specified, saying, “It can be the connection every individual makes with him- or herself, with their own perception of their body and their appearance. But the letters can also stand for the connection people seek with their beauty consultants – a very personal, nearly intimate relationship.” At the same time, it’s no accident that the joined letters form the English verb “Do.” “It can be read as a subtle invitation to take your appearance into your own hands, and change the way you look to suit your own dreams and desires,” Angerer explained. This dovetails nicely with the new campaign slogan “#doitforyou” that was created by the advertising agency Jung von Matt.

The two joined letters can also be used independently of the wordmark, as an autonomous logo. This application is particularly suitable for digital media, but also makes a strong impact on packaging, and can be embossed into eyeshadow, for example. All in all, Angerer is confident her team has created an excellent new logo. “For me, it’s an absolutely timeless symbol that will serve as a focal point in future communication and has the potential to become an iconic insignia,” she said. In addition to the new logo, the entire corporate design system has been revitalized. Peter Schmidt Group developed a set of basic elements that will be implemented by the company’s other agencies, namely Jung von Matt and Select World.

Peter Schmidt Group is currently Germany’s best-performing branding and design agency with, offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo. The Group’s clients include global brands as well as regional start-ups. In the fashion and beauty sector, the agency has worked for Liebeskind, Hugo Boss, Guhl, Weleda and Coty, among other brands. The first logo developed by Peter Schmidt Group was for Jil Sander in the year 1972 has remained unchanged to this day, and has become a familiar icon not only in the world of fashion.