Peter Schmidt Group honored by D&AD and The OneShow

Peter Schmidt Group is pleased to have won multiple awards in two international creative competitions. The Life Lolli project, developed in collaboration with the agencies of BBDO Group in Germany to benefit the University Hospital in Düsseldorf, won three Pencils and several Merits at D&AD – including the coveted Yellow Pencil, the highest award in the Product Design category. And the company's Grace of Waste furoshiki fabric made its way to the shortlist of both the D&AD and The OneShow creativity competitions.

Stem cells often represent the only hope for a cure for children and adults suffering from leukemia – but how can young people be persuaded to donate? The hospital's bone marrow donor center came up with a “Life Lolli” that proves breaking with familiar traditions can successfully motivate people. The lollipop's stem is a test swab that can be submitted for DNA analysis once you've eaten the candy. Other factors critical to the initiative's proven success were the carefully targeted social media campaign and its design. The project has been honored at numerous creative competitions, most recently receiving three of the coveted “Pencils” presented by D&AD, a British educational charity. Among those awards was the Yellow Pencil, the highest honor in the category of product design. In addition, the judges of The OneShow competition honored the “Life Lolli” with a total of four Merits and five shortlist nominations.

Peter Schmidt Group also had a second project in the running: the furoshiki fabric that is part of the company's “Grace of Waste” sustainability initiative. Made of recycled ocean plastic, the furoshiki introduces to Germany the Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in reusable textiles. This particular textile features an abstract illustration of the location of the world's maritime garbage patches. The work was nominated for the D&AD competition in the Product Design category, while The One Show put it on the shortlist in both the Direct Marketing Craft and the Design Data Visualization categories.

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