CXI Brand Talks 2018: Lukas Cottrell on the podium with Deutsche Bahn

With nearly 800 visitors and the world’s most renowned industry experts on the roster, CXI is the largest corporate and brand identity conference in Europe. On June 15, 2018, selected agencies and companies will present their branding projects. Among this year’s participants are Lukas Cottrell, Managing Director of Peter Schmidt Group, and Michael Bütow, Head of Brand Management, CD/CI and Brand Projects for Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway company. They will team up to present their achievements under the title, “Shaping the Future of Mobility.”

The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has been responsible for the Deutsche Bahn account since last summer. In their presentation, Lukas Cottrell and Michael Bütow will provide valuable insights about their shared vision and the development of the brand. “Germany’s railway company is very quickly transforming itself from an established player to a youthful driver of innovation. Many people are not aware of this side of the company,” said Lukas Cottrell. “We approach the topic with the help of a thought experiment and show what the DB brand stands for, which codes it employs and how much leeway it enjoys for further development.”

The new brand identity aims to imbue the venerable, iconic brand – which is familiar to everyone – with new values while retaining its existing, typical characteristics. “Die Bahn,” as the German railway is colloquially referred to, will always be “die Bahn.” Indeed, it is one of those brands that evokes an emotional response on the part of the public whenever the company makes changes of any kind.

“The German railway, Deutsche Bahn, is a business run by people for people. So we want our brand design to present a more human touch while also enhancing consistency across digital applications,” said Michael Bütow. “And Die Bahn has consistently been a pioneer when it comes to developing new business models in the areas of mobility and logistics. So we want this aspect to be reflected in the brand identity and its visual design as well.”

Lukas Cottrell and Michael Bütow will present the branding project at 10:45 a.m. in the historical railway roundhouse. Organised by the University for Applied Sciences of Bielefeld, this year’s CXI conference will feature a roster of 14 representatives of agencies and businesses who will speak about trends in the industry. Tickets are available on the conference website,

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