Creativity as a Catalyst for Change

Have you ever tried to set a sugar cube on fire? You probably didn't succeed, because although the sugar caramelizes, it doesn't burn. But there is a trick you can use to ignite a sugar cube – just sprinkle some cigarette ash on it. The ash contains potassium that lowers the amount of energy necessary for igniting the crystals, allowing the sugar cube to burn. Potassium acts as a catalyst.

"Why am I telling you this? This article addresses the question of whether creativity can also be a catalyst. Not for burning sugar, of course, but for change in companies. Can creativity provide the necessary impetus to set a process in motion that ultimately leads to entrepreneurial success? I think so, yes. But using creativity as a reaction accelerator requires two things from companies, namely courage and a sound strategy.

Creativity can open your head. It can inspire people to question what they are used to and break new ground. It possesses the power to modulate existing structures while at the same time making them visible to the outside world. However, creativity alone is always a very free, intuitive and emotional process – one that can quickly lead to very chaotic results. The art lies in directing this process without demotivating it or diminishing its strength."

Curious to learn more? You can read the entire article of Norbert Moeller including best practices in branding and communication at "The Brandberries".

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