Hello New Work, hello new routines!

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced companies all over the world to change their operations abruptly. Working from the home office, digital coordination processes, new tools and video conferencing systems – many things that had been discussed, considered and planned for months now had to be implemented and go live within a few days. This can be a stress test. Or it can release positive energies.

After two weeks we reflect and realize that we have experienced a kick start into mobile, networked and agile working. We skipped the improvisation phase and are already discussing ways to make our work even more efficient under the new conditions. All of this was possible only because we were able to make the transformation without any frictional losses, thanks to structured and intensive planning that guarantees the highest standards of data security – but above all thanks to the commitment of all employees, their understanding and their innate fascination with digital tools and processes. Our virtual check-ins and check-outs also enable us to not only to provide status reports and share tasks, but also ensure that the social component of personal exchange is not lost.

We are pleased that the coordination within the teams, with our customers and with all project partners remains so fast and effective. As a result, we will continue to produce the very first-class work for which our customers value and appreciate us. In the past two weeks, we have not only advanced numerous projects, we have even been able to expand our business and attract new customers. Because one thing is certain: Brands can create the conditions right now to be successful after the crisis. We will continue to guide them along the path – no matter where our workplace is at the moment.

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