The Employer Branding Campaign of Continental AG gains an award at CDP

Continental AG's Employer Branding Campaign

Since 2014 Continental AG's campaign "Let your ideas shape the future" has been impressively appraised by both its current employees as well as potential future colleagues. A central idea of visualising corporate values and key activities as pictograms and then reproducing these in three dimensional, real situations has been conceived by the brand and design agency the Peter Schmidt Group. Employees can now be seen "embracing" these pictograms in photo shoots and corporate communication to illustrate their own personal stories of working at Continental AG. This has subsequently generated highly emotional images which can be used effectively in a variety of different communication, for example in professional networking, at job fairs or in social media, such as Facebook.

"Hardly any other employer branding campaign has involved its employees to such a comparable extent as Continental AG has to create an emotional connection between corporate culture and talent," said Kristin Janoschka, Account Director of the Peter Schmidt Group. In addition, the campaign seamlessly compliments Continental AG's overall Corporate Design, also developed by the agency, to present a uniform corporate identity. The judges of the prestigious Corporate Design Award (CDP) have therefore acknowledged this convincing achievement by giving one of only ten awards to honour this campaign.

In addition, two other outstanding projects of the Peter Schmidt Group have recently been recognised: The anniversary newspaper "Focused on Your Future. Since 1789." for the private bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. has won a gold prize at the Best of Corporate Publishing (BCP) in the category Print and Innovation, while for the same client its customer magazine "225 plus" has also been selected for inclusion in the Design Annual of Communication Arts.