Cards of Grace: A greeting card app full of good cheer and sustainable ideas from Peter Schmidt Group

Every year innumerable Christmas cards are mailed, read and thrown away. This year, instead of sending paper Christmas cards, Peter Schmidt Group has created a greeting card app you can use to spread holiday cheer or send good wishes year round. You can use the “Cards of Grace” app created by Peter Schmidt Group to choose from among 15 different sets of cards featuring motifs by renowned illustrators and the agency's creative talent. Each of the sets comprises four levels you can mix and match and add a personal message to. This gives you innumerable possible combinations with a central message: Sustainability is fun, and doesn't deserve to be associated with bad vibes.

Sustainability is one of the megatopics of our time. But people are not only concerned about the environment, and sustainability involves social and economic aspects as well. Peter Schmidt Group hopes to motivate people to spread the word about sustainability with a sense of humor rather than with moral outrage – among friends, relatives and business colleagues. That's why the agency created “Cards of Grace,” an app that lets you send digital greetings filled with sustainable ideas, using inspiring illustrations, vibrant colors and an optimistic tone of voice. And you can use it not only at during the holiday season. The motifs are suitable for providing inspiration and fun around the topic of sustainability year round.

The app is operated intuitively using the familiar swipe gesture. You can create motifs within seconds, modify them as desired and send them off. Here's how it works: Select one of the 15 different sets of cards, pull together four different elements, add a personal message and fire it off – via email, text message or on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

“Addressing sustainability issues shapes our daily work as a brand and design agency. The app gives us the opportunity to share these issues with optimism," said Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director at Peter Schmidt Group. "And this is just the beginning. The selection of motifs is constantly being expanded. Because while there are many apps for creating greeting cards, there are only a few that allow for very individual, aesthetically outstanding creations.”

“Cards of Grace” is available now free of charge on the App Store and Google Play.

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