Peter Schmidt Group creates new corporate design for Canton

Electronics manufacturer Canton now has a new look. Over the past several months, Peter Schmidt Group has modernized the brand's appearance by putting the company's dedication to the best possible sound quality at the center of its visual identity.

Headquartered in Weilrod in the state of Hesse, Canton is Germany's largest manufacturer of loudspeakers. The family-run business is proud to make products in every price category – all of which feature premium quality and above-average sound reproduction. The company's iconic logo expresses this self-image with its typographical representation of increasing sound volume, but the other elements of the visual identity didn't previously reflect the topic of sound in a meaningful way. That is now changing, thanks to the support provided by the brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group. The designers created a flexible design system to give Canton a look that is modern, sophisticated and emotionally appealing. The brand and design agency will continue to support Canton as it implements the new corporate design in a variety of different channels, including the company's website and social media as well as conventional print media and in-store communication.

A circle is the central motif – with a new color scheme that makes it possible to set different accents

The new corporate design centers around a circle that can be divided into separate segments and reassembled in a multitude of rhythmic facets. The circle is derived from the geometry of the logotype on the one hand, and is also the shape of a loudspeaker's membrane. Moreover, it symbolizes the company's holistic self-image as a “Family of Sound”. “Canton stands for high quality – but always remains accessible. It was important for us to create a new brand appearance that appeals to the high-end segment but also works well in the growing segment of smart products,” explained Moritz Jung, marketing director at Canton Elektronik GmbH + Co. KG.

The new design system fulfills both of these divergent requirements – not only thanks to its graphic applications, but also through the newly defined color scheme. In addition to a dark blue that communications the premium character of the brand, there is also a brighter, more dynamic shade of blue, along with a beige hue that appears personable and approachable. “The new corporate design affords a high degree of flexibility, while also setting Canton apart from the competition and strengthening its image, particularly in the smart product segment,” said Sebastian Emmel, design director at Peter Schmidt Group. The agency will continue to serve as Canton's lead agency for corporate design.

Peter Schmidt Group is Germany's top-selling brand and design agency and part of BBDO Group Germany. With offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo, it leads brands along the path of change, combining meaningful ideas with a passion for design to create appealing solutions that are both highly functional and easy to use. Peter Schmidt Group is the lead agency for the corporate design of Deutsche Bahn and Mercedes-Benz, as well as other renowned clients including Henkel, Linde, Panasonic, Postbank, REWE and Shiseido.

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