Peter Schmidt Group

The Peter Schmidt Group strengthens Cancom to reach new goals.

Following a successful pitch, Cancom chose the Peter Schmidt Group to completely review its logo and corporate design strategy. In support of this we have initially developed a new claim for this Munich TecDAX company: PLAN.BUILD.PERFORM.

Cancom’s request was a response to the ever increasing demands from its market and a wish to re-position itself more strongly amongst its competitors. The brand needed to become more emotionally charged so that customers could identify more strongly with it. In addition to relocating the company’s headquarter to Munich, the brand’s planned re-launch to celebrate its 20th anniversary was another clear signal for the ongoing development and future direction of the brand.

Our Munich team has undertaken the creative tasks for Cancom while our Frankfurt office is responsible for the strategic brand re-positioning process. Following the successful re-positioning of the brand, and in conjunction with the development a new corporate image, the brand will once again be securely anchored within the company’s identity. The launch of the new corporate design is scheduled for early 2013.

Cancom was founded in 1992 by Klaus Weinemann, in Augsburg. In the following years the company has grown, through the strategic acquisition of niche-oriented businesses, to become one of the largest German providers of full IT services.

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